2019 - 2020 - Michelin - Romania

2019/2020 – Obtaining the Fire Safety Permit for Michelin Silvania Zalau factory – Total Area approximately 95,000.00 m²;

Integration of the already authorized projects or projects executed in various stages in order to obtain the approvals required by the authorities, as well as preparation of projects for areas not covered by existing ones.

  • Preparation of the project for the Sanitary Installations – Automatic Fire Protection Installations with Sprinklers, External and Internal Hydrants, fire protection systems with Inert Gases in accordance with NFPA / FM standards, as well as with Norm P118-2 / 2013, SR EN 12845/2018 and in correlation with the internal standards of the final customer. The designed installation also includes the Alarm Control Valves , distributors and connections to the supply pipes of the outer ring
  • Preparation of documentation related to the Fire Safety Scenario for the Sprinklers and Hydrants Systems
  • Preparation of the project for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in accordance with Regulation P118-3 / 2015 and the internal standards of the final customer.