Fire brigade


INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU is able and certified to provide emergency firefighting  services.
INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU can ensure an operative intervention with foam/water fire trucks and also with professionally certified firefighters in order to perform firefighting and rescue services within its boundaries.We address mainly factories, shopping malls, closed type residential neighborhoods, etc.
We also provide constant surveillance by objectives fixed locations, with specially trained and equipped firefighters, with the main objective of the intervention, saving goods and of persons.

Our company can provide 24 hours of 24 interventions in case of fire or other emergency with foam / water fire trucks which, and also with qualified personnel according to regulations.

Supervision and intervention in emergency situations can be ensured also through a monthly subscription, which means that we have present in the location at least one intervention crew equipped with proper firefighting equipment.


General technical specifications:

  • Water tank: 2000 l
  • Foam tank: 60 l
  • Engine type: Diesel
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 120 km / h
  • Power: 126 hp
  • Cylinder capacity: 5976 cc
  • Loading capacity: 8500 kg
  • Seats: 3
    • 1 firefighter driver
    • 1 crew chief
    • 1 servant