Last Updated: May 2018

1. Introduction
This Cookies Policy applies to all users of the website. The information below is intended to inform users of this web site about the placement, use and administration of cookies by SC INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU SRL in the context of user browsing on this website.

2. What are cookies?
We use the term “cookies” to refer to cookies and similar technologies through which information can be collected automatically.
A “Cookie Internet” (also known as “cookie browser” or “HTTP cookie” or “cookie”) is a small file of letters and numbers that will be stored on your computer, other equipment of a user through which the Internet is accessed.
Cookies are installed through a web server request to a browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Once installed cookies have a fixed lifetime, remaining “passive” in the sense that they do not contain software, viruses or spyware and will not access the information on the hard drive of the user whose device they have installed.
A cookie consists of two parts:
the name of the cookie; and
content or cookie value.
From a technical point of view, only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the web page associated with that web-server.

3. For what purposes are cookies used through this website:
Cookies are used to provide users of this website with a better browsing experience and services tailored to the needs and interests of each individual user, namely:
• Improving the use of this website, including by identifying any errors that occur while it is being visited / used by users;
• providing anonymous statistics on the use of this website to SC INSTAL MONTAJ S ISTEME ANTIINCENDIU SRL as the owner of this website;
• the anticipation of any future goods that will be made available to users via this website, depending on the services / products accessed.
Based on cookie feedback about how this website is used, SC INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU SRL can take action to make this website more efficient and accessible to users.
Thus, using cookies allows you to save certain settings / preferences set by users of this website, such as:
• the language in which a web page is viewed;
• the currency in which certain prices or tariffs are expressed;

4. What is the lifetime of cookies?
Cookie life may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. There are the following categories of cookies that determine their life span:
• Session cookies – A “session cookie” is a cookie that is automatically deleted when the user closes his browser.
• Persistent or fixed cookies – A “persistent cookie” or “fixed” cookie is a cookie that remains stored in the user’s terminal until it reaches a specific expiration date (which may be in a few minutes, days, or several years in the future); or until it is cleared by the user at any time through browser settings.

5. What are cookies placed by third parties?
Certain sections of the content on the website may be provided through third parties, that is, not by SC INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU SRL, in which case these cookies are referred to as cookies placed by third parties (“third party cookies “).
Third-party cookies must also comply with the data protection rules and the Privacy Policy available on this website.
These cookies may come from the following third parties: Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adwords.

6. Which cookies are used through this website:
By using / visiting the website the following cookies may be placed:
a. Website performance cookies;
b. User analysis cookies;
c. Cookies for geotargetting;
d. Cookies for advertising;
a. Performance cookies
This type of cookies preserves the preferences of the user of this website, so re-setting preferences for later page visits is no longer required.
b. Analysis cookies to use

For any questions about cookies, please contact us at: