Pumping stations

INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU offers a complete range of solutions for pumping stations, starting from their design according to Romanian FM, VdS, NFPA rules, and ending with commissioning and start up.
We offer a wide range of pumping units including 1 or 2 types of main pump, driven by electric or diesel motor, with or without Jockey pump.
Main components:

• One or two main pumps;
• Pilot pump;
• a control panel for each main pump;
• A control panel for the Jockey pump;
• pressure switch for each pump individually;
• 2 manual vacuum gauges on the main pump inlet;
• Suction and Discharge Gauge set
• Automatic Air Relief Valve;
• one way check valves;
• flow meter
• Manual-Off switch;
• Main switch;
• Acoustic alarm;

PEPSI ROMANIA (2008 – 2009)
MICHELIN SILVANIA Zalau (2006 – 2007)