INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU owns all the necessary certifications for the design, installation and maintenance of signaling and fire detection systems and installations. Corroborated with an early warning system according to local regulations and with a proper extinguishing system, the risk of fire can be minimized so as to confer enough sense of peace and security.
Our offer includes fire detection systems with the following components:

• Conventional fire panels
• Addressable fire panels
• Repeaters and emulators
• Manual fire alarm buttons
• Optical smoke detectors
• Ionization smoke detectors
• Infrared smoke detectors barrier type
• Infrared smoke detector reflexive spot type
• Aspirating smoke detectors
• Temperature detectors
• Flame detectors
• Addressable modules
• insulated loops for addressable systems
• Dangerous substances detectors
• Sirens and optical indicators for signaling
• Electromagnets land other locking elements
• Batteries
• Testing devices

One of the main components of integrated security systems, the video surveillance system offers the most spectacular results by monitoring the ways and the access zones, peoples and events in real time.
Our offer includes ‘’turn-key solutions’’ for the design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance system monitoring systems starting from those with a lower surface until the complex industrial facilities, office buildings, etc.
Main components:

• Cameras: monochrome or color; classic, bullet type, board type, hidden in other devices, dome type, day-night, radio, compacts, IP etc.
• Objectives and lenses
• Speed​​-dome
• Switches, multiplexers and matrices video
• Analogue recorders
• Digital video recorders (DVR)
• Video acquisition boards
• displays
• Equipments for video transmission on twisted pair cable
• Equipments for video transmission over optic fiber
• IP transmission equipment – video servers

We offer solutions and access control systems for securing access to any type of institutions and companies. An electronic access control system eliminates the human error from security guard solution. The system can be applied only in specific areas with high potential risk (banking institutions, etc.).
Input / output Information of employees to / from restricted areas can be used in human resource management. Timekeeping solution and even automatic payroll applications are based on preliminary data provided by the access control system.
Main components:

• Magnetic, proximity, biometric card readers
• Cards
• Access Keyboards
• "Exit” Buttons
• Exhaust Buttons
• Controllers
• Access Control Software
• Electromagnetic Yale
• Electromagnets
• Door Closers
• Turnstiles
• Accessories: magnetic contacts, barrier IR detectors etc for output control.