Automatic fire extinguishing system with water

INSTAL MONTAJ can provide all the materials and equipments for sprinkler installation, drenchers and water mist according to romanian, FM, NFPA, VdS rules and regulations.

  • Sprinklere

    • a. Standard Response Upright
    • b. Standard Response Pendent/Recessed Pendent
    • c. Quick Response Upright
    • d. Quick Response Pendent/Recessed Pendent
    • e. Standard Response- Horizontal/Recessed Horizontal Sidewall
    • f. Quick Response- Horizontal/Recessed Horizontal Sidewall
    • g. Standard Response- Large Orifice Upright
    • h. Standard Response Large Orifice Pendent/Recessed Pendent
    • i. Model V3402 Quick Response- Large Orifice
    • j. Quick Response, Large Orifice Pendent/Recessed Pendent
    • k. Standard Response, Horizontal Sidewall/Recessed Horizontal Sidewall
    • l. Standard/Quick Response, Horizontal/ Recessed Horizontal Sidewall
    • m. Standard/Quick Reponse Conventional
    • n. Standard/Quick Response Conventional
    • o. VdS Quick Response, Large Orifice Pendent
    • p. Standard Response Upright
    • q. Quick Response Upright
    • r. Standard Response Pendent
    • s. Quick Response Pendent
  • 2. Coupling system

    • a.Rigid couplings
    • b.Flexible couplings
    • c.Reducing Coupling
    • d.Outlet Coupling
  • 3. Elbow, tees, fittings

  • 4. Valves

    • a.Butterfly Valve
    • b.Grooved Ball Valve
    • c.Check Valve
    • d.OS&Y Gate Valve
  • 5. Automatic devices

    • a.Alarm Check Valve
    • b.Dry System Check Valve
    • c.Deluge System Check Valve
    • d.Preaction System Check Valve
    • e.Wet/Dry Valve

Automatic fire extinguishing system with gas agents

  • 1. argon, azot, inergen

  • 2. carbon dioxid

  • 3. FM200


1. Sprinkler systems, drenchers, deluge valves, alarm control valves, water fog extinguishing systems
2. Internal hydrants installations
3. External hydrants installations
4. Pumping stations
5. Water tanks

1. Complete fire extinguishing systems with INERGEN gas
2. Complete fire extinguishing systems with Nitrogen, argon, Novec 1230, FM 200
3. Complete fire extinguishing systems with CO2

1. Fire Detection System
2. Video Surveillance
3. Access Control Systems