Water tanks

INSTAL MONTAJ SISTEME ANTIINCENDIU offers complete services starting from dimensioning the necessary water reserve until water tank commissioning.
Main components:

• 1 stainless steel inspection door on top
• 1 stainless steel access ladder
• Stainless steel intake
• Stainless steel overflow
• Stainless steel exhaust
• Stainless steel exhausts firefighter connection
• Float valve
• 1 x 3kW immersion heater
• Place anti-vortex and whirlpool counter plate stainless
• Thermal insulation
• Butterfly valves for bottom connection firefighters and drain.
• PVC insulation inner membrane for drinking water built according to tank dimensions.

PEPSI ROMANIA (2008 – 2009)
MICHELIN Attika Grecia (2006)